Driven by Manny Khoshbin

I’ve been following Manny Khoshbin for a while now. I discovered him on my Instagram’s newsfeed. I have to admit, when viewing his Instagram profile, I was very impressed with his car collection, and his entire life status. I was even more curious to know how he became so successful. If you are familiar with my content then you know I’m always preaching how great success always comes from many failures, and that my friends—is what you should always pay attention to; the failures. I was anxious to find out more about him, and in this book he made it accessible for anyone who is willing to listen.

Driven is truly a book like no other. Manny puts it all out there for anyone who thinks that achieving their dreams is a fantasy or some kind of fairytale. While I was reading Driven, it made me feel compassion, inspired, and grateful. It reminded me that success is isn’t meant to be easy by any means, and the struggle comes with the territory. 

Below I listed 6 reasons why you need to read Driven. Let’s begin!

Facing Racism & Poverty

Manny was born in Iran. When he was 13 years old, his father made a heroic and courageous decision to move him, his mother, and siblings to America. Manny did not know any english when he arrived in the states. To make things harder, his family had less than $2,000 to work with. It would be living in motels and a garage before his family could afford to get their first apartment. 

Being from Iran, racism is something that Manny would constantly have to deal with in his work environment, and in his personal life. How he overcame this—is truly amazing!

Dark Times 

It’s easy to see the amazing and appealing life Manny has built for himself, but no matter—Manny is still human, who faces life’s troubles just like all of us; divorce, death of a loved one, finding your purpose, and all of life’s big questions we all ask ourselves.

I truly admire and respect him for opening up on this subject. The fact that it was personal and relatable—made it even better. There were things I never knew about him, and wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t read Driven.

Overcoming Obstacles

In some way, calling what Manny went through an obstacle doesn’t give enough justice to everything he had endured in his life. Manny’s layout of his life lessons is brilliant, because as a reader, you are just rooting for Manny to win as you dig deeper and deeper in the book. I was very much emotionally engaged and inspired.

Never Quit

Throughout the entire book, he shows a desire and obsession to never quit and keep going. Especially when people would advise him to throw in the towel. Here’s a crazy thought, if you were born in America, you were at one point ahead of Manny! So how did he do it? Part of his formula is to never quit! He shares what he did to keep moving forward, even when the odds are against you. 

Remain Humble

A little off script from the book, but it was an absolute must to comment on how humble Manny was and still is. Those who had the opportunity to talk about Manny did not mention so much of his financial success or achievements, but how great of a father, boss, and friend he truly is. I very much believe that. 

Before I ever decide to invest more time reading or learning from/and or about someone, I always have to be completely sold on that individual first; buy the person, not the book.

Final Comments

There was a time when I would ignore books that were like biographies about someone’s life journey to success. I had to immediately change that way of thinking, because in that journey are life lessons everyone can learn from. Whether it’s my journey or yours, we will be asking ourselves hard questions—like whether or not we are doing it right or wrong, and wondering if we should just quit. I always like to say that on this journey to becoming a better version of yourself, “you are your best-friend, worst enemy, and therapist.” 

Reading books like Driven gets me back on course with knowledge that can save me years of work—versus trying to learn it as I go. We are living in a time that almost everything is accessible to us and we can learn anything! We all know this, but as the saying goes to all my readers, “you can lead a horse to the river, but you can’t make it drink the water.” What will you do? 

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